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A successful coach most not only be very knowledgeable in their field, but they also need to have the generosity to share it with people that may not pick things up as quickly. They must respect the fact that we all have different abilities, not everyone is born with Mario Kindelan’s talent, and thus be able to explain things to athletes of lesser abilities without coming across as being sarcastic. At the same time they don’t want to waste time with someone who has no interest in progressing in the sport. How good the coach was at their sport in their time is irrelevant. They need to be prepared to update their knowledge and ‘move with the times’ to avoid their pupils getting left behind. This is because sports change over the years when new research discovers improvements that can be made in the field. Of course they need to be vocal also and command the respect of their pupils; there must be a mutual respect for either party to benefit.

Igor Khmil, BSc, Head Coach
Igor is the founding member of the club. He has assisted with the coaching for the Ukrainian national team and currently is the coach with High Performance National Squad. As a boxer in the mid 1990’s he was renowned for having very fast hands and reflexes, and won the extremely competitive Ukrainian National Senior. He has been in Ireland since 2001. Prior to the foundation of Smithfield BC he assisted with the coaching in various clubs throughout Dublin for the last number of years. Igor is a qualified as Level 2 Tutor by Irish Amateur Boxing Association. Not only does he teach us how to box – he teaches us how to live. He has a degree in sports science and has gained a high level of experience working within the sports industry in Ireland and abroad Igor’s strength lies in his coaching from a technical and tactical perspective.

Desmond Maguire, coach
Started with the club since 2009, but has proven to be a very committed and enthusiastic coach. Des is fully qualified by Irish Amateur Boxing Accosiation and always anxious to get more. His knowledge and passion for working with the youth  plays an important part in day to day life of the club. Desmond’s rich experience in coaching in many other sports as well as his friendly and open nature gives huge benefits towards all the members of the club. 

Sergejs Pavlovs, assistant head coach
Originally from Latvia, Sergejs is an ex Soviet Union Boxing Champion – the amateur boxing world’s most respected country along with the Cubans. Being with the club from the very start, he brings a wealth of knowledge of soviet methods to the club for not only strength and conditioning but also general ring craft. As well as that he has a great interest in teaching relaxation and mental toughness exercises. He has spent over 10 years studying mental techniques

Sean Kimmage, coach


Committee 2016

Mr Aidan Garcia
Mr Desmond Maguire
Mr Lyubomyr Kanyuka

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